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Diamond tools for stone working industry

      Diamond tools are indispensable to stone working in today's world. They feature high productivity, low costs and excellent environmental qualities. Optimum performance by diamond tools is dependent on wear characteristics of the bonds selected. Diamond type, grit size and concentration must be selected to suit the specific application. Further essential factors for successful diamond tool application are spindle output and the machine parameters, cutting speed, traverse speed and down feed.

      We wish to distinguish ourselves from the competition. Get the difference:

  • We manufacture a full range of diamond tools for cutting, drilling, profiling, polishing natural and cast stones- from hand machines to CNC machines, from standard to special diamond tools.
  • We share our know-how and train our customers to get the highest performance from their tools.
  • We have more than  25 years of experience in synthetic diamond and diamond tools production, stone processing and concrete industries.
  • Our customers are convinced by our tools quality, product support and expert advice.

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