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Diamond gang saw baldes for marble

Diamond gang saw blades are used for economic manufacture of slabs from quarried blocks of soft stone, marble, travertine, limestone etc. Gang saw blades are supplied for machines with horizontal or vertical frames. Most gang saw machines work with 30 to 60 saw blades. The length of the blades depends on the frame design of the machine. The segments can be arranged at regular or irregular intervals depending on service life and blade stability and surface quality of the cutter slabs.
When ordering, detailed information about machine type, operating conditions and materials to be processed should be given, so that the optimum blade specification can be determined.  
Application recommendations:
  • Choosing, positioning and anchoring blocks
    The block to be cut should have a surface as smooth as possible. Blocks not having a smooth surface may cause vibration on the blades during the operation. Length of the block should be as close as possible to the segmented length of the blade. The block must be anchored on the carriage securely.
  • Segment spacing
    The design methods in which diamond segments are not evenly spaced improve the cutting and eliminate blade vibrations. DIATOOLS gang saw blades are design according to blade length, block length and characteristics of gang saw frame.
  • Down feed
    At the beginning of the operation, it is recommended to operate the gang saw at approximately 1/3 - 1/4 of regular traverse speed. Normal down feed is reached gradually after all blades have fully penetrated in the material. Down feed values below are only to give an idea to the users; reliable values for each type of stone are determined with experience.
  • Material
    Slow gang saws (cm/HR)
    Fast gang saws (cm/HR)
    Crystalline marble
    8 - 15
    15 - 20
    Colored marble
    8 - 14
    12 - 15
    15 - 22
    20 - 30

  • Cooling
    Even flow of clean cooling water has a positive effect on both blades life and the cutting quality. Water requirement for each blade is about 7 - 8 lt/min.
  • Power requirement
    Power requirement for each blade is approximately 1.4 - 1.6 HP. That is, power required for 30 and 60 blades gang saws are 45 HP and 90 HP respectively.
  • Blades assembly
    - Check the blades and plates, hangers, tensioners, spacing wedges. Ensure that they are in good operating condition and are free of rust.
    - Starting from the first blade, install all blades. Parallelism, perpendicularity of the blades must be checked. It must be ensured that each blades longitudinal axis is 10 - 13 mm above the hanger's axis which will cause a positive deflection of the blade when it is subjected to tension. Put all blades under slight tension which is approximately 5 - 7 tons for each.
    - When all blades are installed and are put under slight tension, ultimate tension is applied on them. The ultimate tension value for each blade is 9 - 10 tons for a gang saw with a light frame and 10 - 12 tons for a gang saw with a heavy frame.
    - Positive deflection on the center of blade must be checked. Deflection value for each blade must be in between the values given below.
    Positive deflection (H)

    Blade length (mm)
    Crystalline marble H (mm)
    Colored marble H (mm)
    3800 - 3999
    2.7 - 2.8
    3.0 - 3.2
    4000 - 4199
    2.8 - 3.0
    3.2 - 3.4
    4200 - 4399
    3.0 - 3.1
    3.4 - 3.5
    4400 - 4599
    3.1 - 3.2
    3.5 - 3.7

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